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Our name is a reverent homage to the divinity of Eddy Merckx.


The skull from pirate flags symbolizes the renegade attitude of ours, and the admiration of “Il Pirata” Marco Pantani.


The 12 teeth cog-ring represents the devotion to riding hard, and always being mentally and physically ready for trying to dig deeper for the even harder 11-cog gear.


The cog-ring crest is also a declaration of our loyalty to the  Velominati – Keepers Of The Cog, and of our fanaticism about The Rule #5.


These values are a motivational force, and the bond that has kept our group of friends riding together in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Over the years, our passion has slowly morphed into a full on addiction, and progressed to the beginning of our racing career as a formal team in 2016. Thanks to some extraordinary athletes, and the support from our title sponsor John Preiditsch of Six S Partners, our inaugural season has brought us success above all expectations.

Then in 2017 we expanded our team by partnering up with a double winner of the Canadian national championship, legendary Eon D'Ornellas and his D'Ornellas Bike Shop in Toronto, and the former Provincial Cycling Coach and Olympian Mark Berger.


Both as a team and individuals, we will continue to propagate our “pedal harder” philosophy, and strive to contribute to the growth and quality of cycling…



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